ALFRED SUNG invites you to experience a world of bespoke clothing, handmade from start to finish. The perfect blend of modern SUNG style and traditional elegance, each piece is adapted to your measurements and made in keeping with time honored techniques to produce impeccable quality. Under the guidance of an ALFRED SUNG Stylist, clients have the opportunity to dictate every detail of their garment’s architecture. To enjoy this service, book an appointment online to meet with one of our Stylists.






At ALFRED SUNG, we’re going back to our roots by offering custom tailored clothing with a modern spin.  Alfred, the master tailor is at your service, with a full range of individually designed clothing options for men and women. From suits, shirts, sports jackets, and tuxedos, the bespoke experience is the ultimate apparel luxury. 

     We control every step of the process, starting with designing and tailoring, up until the final fitting. By removing traditional middle men and the heavy distribution structure of most clothing brands, we are able to offer unparalleled value, quality and experience. 

     To guarantee a perfect fit, we take 42 measurements across the body and posture, to create a unique pattern, just for you. Once the pattern is made, it resides in our ALFRED SUNG Bespoke archives for continuous refinements and the creation of future suits, tuxedos and shirts. In only 2-3 weeks we can deliver your suit, your way.

Personal Delivery


When our shops are done crafting your garments, your ALFRED SUNG Bespoke Stylist will meet you for a final fitting.

No trips, just convenience.








All bespoke products are made individually to ensure it fits you perfectly.

SHIRTS from $250

SUITS from $1300

PANTS from $450

SKIRTS from $350

BLAZERS from $900

TUXEDOS from $1500

OUTERWEAR from $1000