ALFRED SUNG invites you to discover our bespoke service.



It’s all about you. With a keen eye for style and using only the most meticulous techniques, ALFRED SUNG is proud to be able to offer you the highest standard in bespoke tailoring. Each piece begins with an exclusive cutting pattern based on your measurements, posture and design specifications. In a process taking two to three weeks, the garment is cut and hand-tailored from beginning to end. Book an appointment with a Stylist to enjoy this service.



The bespoke process begins with your first appointment at one of our ALFRED SUNG showrooms. There your personal Bespoke Stylist will guide you through the entire process. For the perfect fit, we take 42 body measurements across your body and posture to ensure an impeccable garment. All of the information we gather is then used to create your personalized and unique pattern, which will reside in the ALFRED SUNG Bespoke archives for reference and continuous refinements for future suits, jackets, shirts, coats and tuxedos.



At ALFRED SUNG Bespoke, we offer a wide variety of fine fabrics, pre-selected by our design team for their beauty and quality. Choose from hundreds of fabrics for your suit, jacket, overcoat or dress shirt. A variety of traditional and modern materials ranging from mohair, wool, silk and cotton are available to fashion into your personal garment. Let your personality shine through with our selection of classic patterns - stripes, houndstooth, and Prince of Wales plaid to name a few. Our Bespoke Stylist will ensure we always cater to your personal needs and budget.



At the design stage, we assist you in accentuating your best features and focus on reflecting your individual style. We ensure your garment design is best for your frame. We help you select everything from lapel styles, personalized buttons, trims and linings. With a perfect blend of modern SUNG style and traditional elegance, each piece is created to your unique measurements, specific details and made of time-honoured techniques.



When our tailors have finished crafting your garments, which only takes 2-3 weeks, we will contact you to let you know your one-of-a-kind clothing is ready to try on. You’ll meet your Bespoke Stylist for your final fitting at the ALFRED SUNG showroom, or we can come to you. Final alterations, if any, are completed to ensure your garment’s impeccable finish. We aren’t happy unless you are!